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The Van Clydens' Family Fortune

Enter into the world of romance, family secrets, corporate politics, intrigues, gossip...Nah! Believers don’t gossip, they just share titbits of news!

The Van Clydens' Family Fortune

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Book Summary

Paul, the consummate gentleman, with his 2-2-2-5 plan, at twenty-six, already an heir apparent in more ways than one, is on a quest to find a suitable wife. Adorable, beautiful Kelly––wealthy in her own right and his childhood friend––is the majority’s pick. Which parent wouldn’t want Kelly for a daughter-in-law?  The majority agree. Would you?

Is Lily, a foreigner from East Africa and an outsider, a match for Kelly? Can the bashful, unknown Lily win Paul over Kelly’s popularity, or is Paul hiding a third alternative secret date, just in case?

Who would you pick for Paul? Should Paul’s unwavering faith count in selecting a suitable wife, or should his status as an heir to the Van Clyden Enterprises win?

Shrouded in surprises, guided by the Light, The Van Clydens’ Family Fortune will keep readers who enjoy clean, multicultural fiction engaged. 


Warning: For parents who may wish to know, there is mention of alcohol,  otherwise the book should be suitable for younger adults 18+ and adults.  Teenagers below that age group need parental guidance. 

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