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About the Author

I J E Okello was born in Lango District, Uganda, East Africa, where she started her education, before she moved to the United States. She completed a BA and an MBA while living in California, which helped her gain a broad professional experience, ranging from nonprofit organization, to the corporate world. After years of working in the business world, she is now focusing on her creative side.

A writer of wholesome contemporary romance fiction, depicting life towards the end of the twentieth century to the present, I J E Okello incorporates her broad experience and faith to bring characters to life on paper. She participated in writers' conferences and workshops through the years––including Mount Hermon Christian Writers’ Conference. She loves the outdoors and dabbles in gardening, when the weather permits. 

It is a joy for her to present, The Van Clydens’ Family Fortune, her first book, to readers of faith-based literature. Be on the look-out for her other releases in the future.


How Did She Begin Writing?

I J E Okello loves clean literature with a comic twist. She cut her literary teeth reading different genres, including young adult romance, wholesome historical and regency romance, before she was plunged, temporarily, into the world of Shakespeare––well, sort of.  She went through a period of searching for clean, light fiction to read at the end of an exhausting day, until she was introduced to Christian fiction.

Her foray into writing started as a teenager––short stories, poetry and the likes,- - unpublished. After mulling over story ideas for some time, one day, she took a piece of paper and pencil, and began writing ––The Van Clydens’ Family Fortune was born. Since then, she has written several books that are on the way. 

Faith-based literature is wholesome and permits her, as a writer, to delve into the human soul and create characters that launch from their faith platform to wrestle with real life issues and mature. She loves that!

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